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Carpet, Textiles, and Custom Products

Fibro Chem's Carpet, Textiles, and Custom Products is a large supplier of high-tech compositions for controlling the behavior of synthetic staple fibers in the manufacture of carpet face yarns, and a market leader in providing the critical lubricants for synthetic yarn extrusion.


Other tailored lubricant applications include beaming for improved weaving efficiencies and non-woven fiber applications.


In addition to lubricants, the division supplies custom products for dyeing, finishing and other textile applications. The high quality surfactant ingredients manufactured by this division find applications in other areas like the metalworking and personal care markets.


The manufacturing capability within this division gives us the capacity to custom manufacture a broad range of chemical ingredients.

Textiles, and Custom Products categories offered are below:


  • Staple Fiber Oversprays

    • Lubricants

    • Antistats

    • Other Auxilliaries

  • Extrusion Lubricants

    • Bulked Continuous Filament (BCF)

    • Staple Fiber Extrusion

    • Slit Film/Beaming/Fibrillated Extrusion

  • Carpet & Textiles

    • Bleaching Assistants

    • Defoamers

    • Dye Fixatives

    • Fluorochemicals

    • Fabric Softeners

    • Durable Press Resins

    • Leveling Agents

    • Penetrants & Wetting Agents

    • Sequesterants

    • Lubricants

  • Surfactants


Fibro Chem Product Descriptions:


Click HERE for a list of some of the products

that Fibro Chem offers.


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