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Dyes & Colorants

Fibro Chem, LLC specializes in supplying the dyes and technology required to color today's textiles, carpets and specialty materials. The specialty chemicals division compliments dyestuffs by offering value added chemical auxiliaries that enhance the dyeing and finishing processes. By tailoring specialty chemicals to fit the application with the dyestuffs, we improve dyeing performances through chemical innovation.

Formerly Four Colors, Fibro Chem, LLC continues to meet customer requirements by offering quality materials along with available quantities for the smallest application requirements to the largest.

Our high Quality standard is met by offering extensive laboratory testing which includes quality control of all dyes and chemicals prior to shipment. Services also include shade matching, and formulating colors on various substrates in a timely manner to meet customer restraints. Our experienced technical staff, including a technical sales team with a vast background in dyes and chemicals, is capable of solving problems and developing innovative dye and chemical systems to meet the ever changing product requirements.

Dye categories and standard and custom products offered are below:


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